Room Sharing

Only for attendees to the 2023 Place-Based Education Conference in Grand Rapids, MI

Want to save costs by sharing a hotel room in Grand Rapids with another Place-Based Education Conference attendee?

Your contact information will be added to the Room Sharing list within two business days. This list is protected and only accessible by people on the list. 

Once you have been added to the list and received your confirmation email, you will be able to access the list and contact other member attendees looking to share a room. The two of you will need to make arrangements for housing on your own, including dates, location, and how to split the bill. If you need additional assistance, contact Jan Sneddon at

Room Sharing List

This list of Room Sharing applicants is available here. It is only accessible by approved Room Sharing applicants.

If you are interested in sharing a room with any conference goer listed, please contact them directly via their preferred method of contact.

Room Sharing Terms & Conditions

Please keep in mind the following as you use this feature:

  1. The purpose of this feature is to establish roommate arrangements for the Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative’s 2023 Place-Based Education Conference.
  2. The Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative accepts no liability for use of this site.
    Attendees who sign up will be able to access a protected list of other users who are looking for a roommate for the event. You will be notified via email if/when you are added to the list and how to access it.

Room Sharing Feature Disclaimer

The Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative (GLSI) is providing the Room Sharing feature for the benefit of attendees to its Place-Based Education Conference. It is understood that any information distributed within the Room Sharing feature will not be checked for accuracy and participants must use individual discretion and accept sole responsibility for their use of the feature. The GLSI expressly disclaims any responsibility for, and any and all liabilities resulting from, any information or communication exchanged between users of the Room Sharing feature.

Users are warned that they may be individually liable for anything they communicate using the Room Sharing feature, including but not limited to defamatory, discriminatory, or false or unauthorized information.

By utilizing the Room Sharing feature, users agree to indemnify and hold harmless the GLSI, its officers, directors, agents and employees from any and all liability and expense arising from or related in any way to this feature and to any information within it, regardless of the cause or effects, or of any fault of any third party.

All users of the feature accept full risk and responsibility for any injury or loss they may incur as result of participation in the feature. Users also agree to hold the GLSI harmless from responsibility or liability for any injury or loss suffered by a user resulting from the user’s participation in the feature.